Synchro tapping chucks

  • holder shank similar DIN 1835 or holding in precision chucks (hydraulic, shrink fit or power clamping chucks)
  • setting screw enables 3 mm axial length readjustment
  • minimal length compensation ± 0.3 mm in pushing and drawing direction between synchro spindle and threading tool
  • reduces high frictional forces on the thread flanks
  • reduces an increase in axial forces during the cutting cycle to a minimum
  • coolant pressure up to max. 80 bar
ISO code

P Steel, high-alloyed steel
M Stainless steel
K Grey cast iron, spher, graphite/mall. cast iron
N Aluminium and other non-ferrous metals
S Special, super and titanium alloys
H Hardened steel and chilled cast iron
On the following programme pages you will find for every tool recommendations regarding suitability for the application groups and details of max. tensile strength and harness:
optimal suitability
limited suitability
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Synchro tapping chucks / Catalog-No.: 4525
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