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Your contact to Gühring

Question: Where can I find the contact details of my Gühring contact person?

Answer: On the right side of your browser window there is always a button with the two people. If you are logged in and click on it, a field with the contact details of your personal contact person in the office and field service will appear.

Question: Who do I contact if I have problems with the online shop or other questions?

Answer: In the online shop as well as on the website there is a chat button from 7:30 - 16 o'clock, on the bottom right of the page. With one click a chat window appears, where you can assign your question to different contact persons. You can choose between shop, technical or customer support. A member of staff will then help you.

OR: On the right side of the page there is a button with two people. If you click on it, our contact details will appear:
For questions regarding the shop you can reach us from Monday to Friday from 7:30 - 16 o'clock (not on public holidays) per:

Telefon 00800 2607 2607

Customer account

Question: How do I register?

Answer: Under the following link you can register: Go to the registration form. After you have filled in at least the mandatory fields, click on the yellow button "Create an account". With this you have registered as a user.

Question: Why is my user account not activated immediately?

Answer: After registration your data will be checked and your user will be linked to your company. After this validation you will be informed by e-mail and can then use all the advantages in the Gühring online shop.

Question: How do I log in?

Answer: In your browser window in the upper right corner you will find the "My Account" button. By clicking on the yellow login button, the page opens where you can log in with your e-mail and password. Or you can click on the following link: To the login. If you do not remember your password, you are welcome to use the"forgotten password"-function: Forgot your password?

Question: I forgot my password, what can I do?

Answer: If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it using the "Forgot Your Password?" function. You will receive an e-mail with a link, please click on the link and then enter your new password. Please note the criteria for a secure password.
If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder.

Question: Why can I not order as a private person?

Answer: The online shop is only intended for companies, tradesmen, freelancers and public institutions, but not for consumers as defined by § 13 BGB.

Question: What functions do I have once I have registered?


  • You receive personal purchasing conditions and individual prices.
  • You have an individual authorization management based on user roles.
  • You receive information about the availability of tools and their stock.
  • You can set up an OCI interface to your procurement management system.
  • You will get a detailed overview of your order processes.
  • You can download tool data & CAD drawings (DXF, STP, XML).
  • You can save shopping baskets and watch lists.
  • Your search is extended with search criteria and completed by auto-completion
  • You can fill and forward shopping baskets together with your colleagues.
  • You can use your own article numbers in the online shop.

Question: How do I change my billing address?

Answer: You can have your billing address changed by our sales department. Simply send an e-mail to your contact person. How to find the contact data for your contact person is explained here.

Products and price display

Question: Why do I not see any prices?

Answer: Please log in,to see your prices. Go to login

Question: How do I know if my desired tool is available?

Answer: As a registered user, you can find out around the clock whether the tool you require is available or what stock is available for the item in question. The online shop displays the following statuses:

  • Available
  • Quantity available X
  • Extended delivery time (this message appears when the stock level = 0)

Question: Where can I find information about tools?

Answer: When you click on your desired tool, the detail page with all product details and information about the application area is displayed. Pictograms are used to show all the important product features. An ISO code shows the tool suitability. If you click on the ISO code, the legend of the material suitability is displayed.

Question: Where can I find tool data for the respective products?

Answer: As a logged in user you get access to tool drawings and CAD drawings which you can download. You can find the data on the article detail page under the tab "Downloads". Tool data and drawings can be downloaded as dxf, step, xml, or png files.

User administration

Question: What is a "role"?

Answer: The "role" defines permissions for registered users. Roles can be used, for example, to control approval workflows for procurement via the shop.

Question: How do I create a "role"?

Answer: The roles can be created by the administrator of your company under "My Account" > "User" > "Role management".

Availability and delivery

Question: Can I track my order?

Answer: You can easily and conveniently track the status of your order under "My Account > Orders > Details" using the link to track your order.

Question: Can I download an invoice or delivery notes?

Answer: Under "My Account > Order Data > Invoices & Delivery notes" you can download the PDF files directly by clicking on "PDF".

Search and data sheets

Question: How do I find my tool as quickly as possible?

Answer: Articles in the shop can be found particularly quick using the search function. Thanks to auto-completion, suggestions for possible results are already made when entering parts of article descriptions or article numbers. By entering an exact article number (e.g. 5510 5.000) and confirming with Enter, you will be taken directly to the article details page. If you have stored your individual article numbers in the online shop, these can also be found using the search function. (See the next question)

Question: Can I store my own article numbers in the shop?

Answer: Individual article numbers can be stored in the system via your responsible person. You can then use them within the search and when ordering articles in the Gühring online shop.


Question: Why can I not order immediately after my registration?

Answer: We have provided the answer under "Why has my user account not yet been activated?" .

Question: Is a quick order function available?

Answer: You will find this function in the online shop in the top right-hand corner under "My Account". As a logged-in user, you can use the quick order function to quickly and easily select the desired tools and add them to your shopping cart. Your input is supported by the auto-completion of the article numbers.

Question: Can I change my shopping cart?

Answer: In the shopping cart view there are numerous possibilities to further edit the shopping cart:

  • Empty shopping cart: All items in the shopping cart are deleted.
  • Save/Forward: This function enables you to save the shopping basket and/or forward it to another user.
  • Export shopping cart (XML + CSV): This function allows you to export your shopping cart as XML file and CSV file.
  • Export shopping cart (PDF): "Notepad function": With the help of this function your shopping cart can be exported as a PDF file. QR codes are assigned to the individual items, which can be conveniently scanned and called up with the smartphone.

Question: Can I save my shopping cart as a template?

Answer: To make your procurement process more efficient, you can (as a registered user) create watch lists or shopping cart templates.

Question: What can I do with the shopping cart template?

Answer: In this template you can save shopping baskets that have been put together, which can be transferred to the current shopping basket as required. If required, shopping baskets can be forwarded to other users in the company.

Question: How can I import my shopping cart template?

Answer: If you have prepared a template, you can upload it as a logged in user as follows: go to the shopping cart, click on " Quick order", select the item "Shopping Cart Import". Click on "Select file" and select your prepared file. Now you can click on "Start import".

Question: How do I save my shopping cart?

Answer: To save a shopping cart, click on "Save/Forward" in the shopping cart. There you can save the shopping cart either for later or as a template for recurring orders.

Question: Can I forward my shopping cart to someone else?

Answer: You can forward a shopping cart to any user who is also assigned to the customer account.

Question: Where can I find my saved shopping cart?

Answer: You will find your saved shopping baskets under "My account > Order functions > My shopping carts".

Question: How can I fill the shopping cart with just one click?

Answer: You have the possibility to download a template for the shopping cart import in the shop under the path "Order functions > Shopping cart import". There you can easily enter the desired article numbers with the corresponding quantity and then upload the list in the shop again. With just one click your shopping cart is filled directly. Please note the correct spelling when entering the article numbers: 5510 3.000 (-> Use of the dot and three digits after the dot).


Question: What do I do if I forgot my password?

Answer: On the page „Forgot password“ you have the possibility to reset your password. You can find more information under the following link: Password forgotten Function.

Question: Where can I find the privacy notice?

Answer: You can view the data protection notice when you register. Without the consent that you have read it, you cannot register. You will also find the link to the data protection notice at the bottom of each page. All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom.

Interfaces to procurement management systems

Question: How do I set up the OCI interface?


  • Register in the Gühring online shop: Go to registration
  • After activation of the user account, the setup can be carried out: - Login in the Gühring online shop - Request the OCI Auto Login URL under > My Account > Order Functions > OCI Transfer (A = Example of the URL:
  • Allow popup for this online store
  • Log out of the Gühring Onlineshop
  • Store the Auto Login URL (A) in ERP as OCI shop
  • Define hook URL in the customer ERP; this must be transferred as HTTP/GET parameter 'HOOK_URL' in the online shop call (case sensitive) Example:
    When using SAP, the HOOK_URL is usually transferred automatically when the supplier catalog is called.
  • Call up the OCI shop in the customer ERP & fill the shopping cart
  • In the shopping cart view the shopping cart can be transferred to the ERP via the button "Transfer via OCI
  • If desired "Delete shopping cart?" -Confirm query. This will delete the shopping cart in the Gühring online shop.
  • Receive and process the shopping cart in ERP.

Other information

Question: Are there flip catalogs?

Answer: You can find the catalogues by scrolling to the bottom of the online shop and clicking on "Downloads".

Question: Can I also download the catalogues?

Answer: If you are logged in to the shop, you will find all current catalogues under "My Account"> "Downloadcenter" > "Overview".

Question: Where can I find my customer number?

Answer: You will find your customer number, if you are logged in, in the small dropdown below "My account".

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